Port Information

The mainPort of Freetown is Queen Elizabeth II Quay: a natural harbour locatedon Latitude 08 degree 30′ North Longitude 13 degree 14′ West . Oil Tankers Berthat Kissy Oil Terminal, in the east of the city.


Sea pilot is compulsory for berthing / unberthing at Queen Elizabeth II quay and Kissy Oil Fuel Jetty. The pilot will meet the vessel at Falcon Bridge point.Pilotage is only available between 0800Hrs and 1800Hrs however extension can be granted by SLPA via your ships agent (TRANS SAHARA SHIPPING LIMITED).


Large anchorage area available with good holding ground and shelter is available. Maximum draft 14.60 m. Anchorage position will be advised by Freetown Signal Station.Only one tug is available and can be requested prior berthing.


Maximum tidal rage is 3.0 meters. Strong westerly tidal streams in harbour, up to 4.5 knots.Weak easterly tidal stream.


The Queen Elisabeth II Quay: The original quay has a length of 365 meters. The width of the quay apron is 15.8 meters. The quay extension provides length of 702 meters and a width of the quay apron of 19 meters.

Break Bulk Berths

Berth no. 1: Length and beam – no restriction Draft: 30′ 06”

Berth no. 1a: Same as no. 1

Berth no. 2: Length and beam – no restriction Draft: 31′ 06″

Berth no. 3: Length and beam – no restriction Draft: 31′ 06″

Berth no. 4: Length and beam – no restriction Draft: 31′ 06″

Container Berths

Berth no. 5: Length and beam – no restriction Draft: 31′ 06″

Berth no. 6: Length and beam – no restriction Draft: 28′

Distance between bollards:

Berths 1, 1a and 2: 18.30 meters

Berths 3, 4, 5 and 6: 17.40 meters

Tanker Berth – Kissy Oil Terminal

Vessels must be more than 500′ in length berthing bow west.

Maximum displacement should not exceed 43,000 tons.

Maximum draft is 37′.

Berthing and unberthing only during daylight ( 08:00Hrs– 18:00Hrs ) and only on floodtide.

Berthing meetings:

Daily berthing meetings are hosted by The Sierra Leone Ports Authority at 10: 000Hrs where berthing information are provided by agencies and berths are assigned .Berths are not allocated outside these meetings.kindly make sure that vessel or owner informTRANS SAHARA SHIPPING LIMITEDprior to arrival.


The following equipment is available and operational:

  1. Container handlers
  2. Freight lifter
  3. Mafi tractors
  4. Forklifts
  5. 20’ and 40′ trailersplus various normal stevedoring gear.

No shore cranes are available at the Port of Sierra Leone. If requested, TRANS SAHARA SHIPPING LIMITED can make special arrangements for hiring mobile cranes from private contractors.

Official working hours for general cargo is from Monday till Friday, 08.00hrs – 17.00 hrs. For work outside these hours andduring weekends and Holidays overtime rates will be charged.

Container ships and Ro-Ro ships can operate on a 24 hours basis.


The Sierra Leone Ports Authority is the sole stevedore licensed and permitted to operate in the Port. All stevedoring and cargo handling services, whether performed by the Port Authority manpower or not, will be charged as if the services were rendered by the Ports Authority stevedore.


The following information must be provided at least 48 hours in advance of expected arrival.

  • Name of the vessel
  • Port of Registry
  • Gross Registered Tonnage
  • Length Overall in meters
  • Draft, Forward and Aft
  • Total tonnage of cargo on board
  • Total tonnage of cargo for Sierra Leone
  • Number of containers (TEU) for Sierra Leone
  • Number of cars or vehicles for Sierra Leone
  • Expected Time of Arrival at Pilot Station
  • Last port of call
  • Next port of call


The following documents are required by the authorities upon boarding of vessels.

Last port clearance

Ports of call list

Maritime declaration of health

Vaccination list

Stow away list

Crew list

Narcotics list

Animal list

Passenger list

Arms and ammunition list

Stores list / bonded store

Crew declaration list

Manifest of cargo

Notice of readiness

‘Nil lists’ also to be prepared.

Cargo manifest and dangerous cargo manifest are to be supplied to the Port Authority and relevant government department via TRANS SAHARA SHIPPING LIMITEDno later than 72 hours prior arrival of vessel:

  1. Cargo manifests
  2. Dangerous cargo manifest
  3. Freighted manifest
  4. Copy bills of lading


  • Fresh water – available at all quay berths except at Kissy Oil Terminal.
  • Bunkers – Gas oil can normally be supplied by truck, but stocks can run low, wherefore situation has to be checked 72 Hrs
  • Stores and provision – ship chandler available. Limited supply and very expensive.
  • Garbage collection.
  • Hospital, doctor, dentist – available for emergency.
  • Telephones, fixed landlines and mobile phones available if due notice is given.